KENAI RIVER SPORTFISHING ASSOCIATION Keith adds this is not the first time the commission revisited the size limit… We see halibut … Daily bag limits will be one halibut of any size, and a second fish must be less than 26 inches. There is a reverse slot limit where retained halibut must be less than or equal to 40 inches, or greater than or equal to 80 inches. Fishing Reports, Regulations, Delicious Recipes and Secrets to Fishing from Our Captains. SOLDOTNA, AK 99669 32-inch maximum size limit on one fish: Charter vessel anglers may keep one fish of any size per day and one fish that is no more than 32 inches in length. Plan well.... For the guided angler sector, the 2019 regulations will be-For Area 2C: One fish bag limit, reverse slot: U38 - O80" No annual limit. The bag limit for self-guided anglers in the … Commercial and Charter Catch Limits Set by IPHC . Halibut 2020 Regulations: Daily limit: 1 per person either under 45 ″ or over 80″ Annual limit: None. Regardless of the size, you will earn your fish, as even wrestling with an average Cook Inlet halibut (15-50 lbs.) Area 3A (Southcentral AK): Maintain a daily bag limit of 2 halibut, 1 of any size and a second fish equal to or less than 32” (this is increased from 26”). When fishing with a charter, you are currently limited to 2 fish per day and 4 fish per annum. A reverse slot limit is in place requiring that the harvested halibut be either less or equal to 40 inches, or greater to or equal to 80 inches. You can review information relating to sportfishing during COVID-19 at Currently, there is a two-fish of any size daily bag limit for unguided sport anglers in Areas 2C and 3A. There is lots of debate among fishermen as to what is the best size … has been known to wear out the hardiest angler. Our custom built 31-33 foot aluminum boats … In … There is a daily bag limit of two halibut, but one fish must be no greater than 26 inches. The new regulations for the guided angler in Southeast Alaska are somewhat improved. Size restrictions on daily bag limits also apply. To provide a measure of stability in the future to the halibut charter and commercial sectors, the Council is considering management strategies for the unguided halibut sport sector that will require registration for vessels offering non-guided vessel rentals and apply charter halibut bag and size limits when halibut … Large and flat, Southeast Alaska’s halibut can weigh more than 100 pounds, with the larger adults tipping the scales at well over 300 pounds. No per-day trip limit… Halibut tagged in the Bering Sea have been caught as far away as the coast of Oregon – a range of 2,000 miles! Updates on the 2020 Season: June 25, 2020, Updates on the 2020 Season: June 11, 2020, Sitka Fishing Report: September 3rd, 2020, May thru June 30 – 1 per day daily bag. Homer, January 17, 2014 . It is hoped that these changes in regulations will help support the charter industry by encouraging greater resident participation. “Now their average size at age for halibut is approximately what it was in the 1920s and 1930s,” Steve Keith said, assistant director of the International Halibut Commission, or IPHC. View Map → North Pacific Fishery Management Council 1007 West Third, Suite 400 Anchorage, Alaska 99501-2252 Phone: (907) 271-2809 Your email address will not be published. Of the two halibut anglers are allowed to retain in one day, one can be no larger than 32 inches in length. That one fish must be either 45 inches or smaller, or 80 inches … Alaska Charter Association. In the central Gulf of Alaska, area 3A, fishermen will be limited to one … Keep track of the 2020 regulations as they’re announced here. 2020 Halibut Fishing Regulations for Area 3A: You are allowed a daily bag limit of 2 halibut: one Halibut can be any size and one Halibut … April 25, 2016 New Halibut Size Limits In Alaska .