Light colors like yellow, pink, or orange are difficult for your training participants to see. ‘Vividh Bharathi’ and ‘FM’ are some of the most popular commercial networks of All India Radio. However, flip charts are only desirable when dealing with small groups. Teachers had to prepare not only their lesson plans but had to prepare these resources using technology, which for teachers not familiar with technology can be a bit of headache. 4. Your participants will not be able to see your writing, but you will. Print in large letters so participants can easily see your words. Using the pad with grid lines makes your job easier for drawing straight lines and keeps your text aligned. Economically, the flipchart may prove to be a highly effective visual presentation media—the fairest of all. More clean to use as compared to blackboards. If used improperly, there is a risk to hinder, rather than aid, learning. The contrast between dark ink and light paper will make your writing easier to read. These can be completed easily by learners themselves for later display (e.g. Disadvantages Of Flipchart; Disadvantages Of Flipchart. It has also been functional for the teachers to analyze the learners' performance and test their knowledge. In fact, a study done observing 9th-12th graders found that students spent and average of 38 hours a week doing homework.This is a tremendous amount of work on not only students, but on teachers as well, who have to be constantly assigning and grading … This is because the information presented on them is on a small scale and would therefore be illegible from great distances. They may be too small for some members of a large audience to see easily . They deteriorate easily. Suggestions to help you add a visual element to your trainings. The media content on these interactive whiteboards successfully catches the attention of the students and make lectures far more interesting and engrossing. There are several advantages to using a flipchart to enhance your training. The major factor that has contributed to the success of this exceptional tool is the fact that interactive whiteboard increases the involvement and collaboration of the students in the classroom. Disadvantages - receiving a blood transfusion that was not carefully tested for HIV, AIDS, etc. Here are a few: The most important point to remember in preparing your flipcharts is to give yourself enough time. Difficult to write on flipcharts … Advantages of flip charts Limitations of flip charts 1. 3. However, these may not be made explicit. Advantages and disadvantages of communication 1. Even though flip charts are low tech, they are reliable and don't require any special skill to use them but here are some tips to help you use them effectively. Kinaesthetic learning is difficult to sit for long periods, so with physical activities allow them to move around and be active. * Lectures appeal to those … Advantages of Communication 1. * Lectures appeal to those … Dianne T. … This saves time and money for both the speaker and the participants, since they don’t need to travel to the seminar location. * Lectures present little risk for students. When your flipcharts are prepared, you will feel more organized and ready to conduct your training right from the start. Flipcharts or whiteboards: using large pads of paper sheets on an easel, it is a very useful and flexible way for presenter emphasizes key points, or main ideas during the presentation. Advantages of Communication 1. Advantages and Disadvantages There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of visual aids • Projected Slides + Can effectively show images and animations + Can effectively emphasize key details ‐Are boring if no images are included ‐Are overwhelming if too many details are included • Posters Focus on single words or short phrases. So let us find out some points on advantages and disadvantages to know about advertisement. Lightly write your text or create your design in pencil first before using markers. Use a pencil. Radio has been a traditional medium of advertising in India. You don’t need to worry if an electrical outlet is working, if the Internet is up, or if you remembered to pack a power cord for your training. Teachers just use whatever instructional materials are available and are suited to the learning objectives.