I reconnected with a girl that I went on a date with almost 2 years ago. Happens after sex too. Now i have tried to message girls on facebook with hi, those are random girls. I wonder if our crushes put as much time and energy crafting up the perfect "k" or "you up" to send us. You might answer this way if someone you don't know, like a waiter at a restaurant, asks how you are. I’ve been busy with work so lost touch. Let’s say you met this girl at a bar, and you tried to hit on her. No reply nothing all day we're also connected on FB messenger so about two hours later I simply asked how is your day so far? If you have options you won't be obsessing over a single girl anymore. There you go. How did you approach her? Don’t hang around with her or try to convince her otherwise. But when you go for a girl and get rejected, the emotional pain is totally under your control. This may or may not have something to do with you, but even if it did, so what? Required fields are marked *. ... Relevance. A lot of them do it simply because they've had bad experiences with guys who wouldn't get the point, or reacted badly to them not wanting to meet again. Make it brief. They do like being treated and gaining attention, very easy for most women with online dating. Instead focus on dating in person and do the following: Unless she likes you then she won’t miss you. There’s nothing more humiliating than seeing someone beg for someone to go out with them. Confidence is the biggest turn on for women, and that includes being assertive, direct, not apologizing for everything, not asking her what she wants to do (you set the date agenda) etc. Check out her profile. We did not even go the farthest step which would have been intercourse. Keep your texting frequency to only what is necessary. This is a simple, straight answer. 7 years ago. Taking their sweet time to respond to you may be your crush’s way of telling you that they has better things to do and that holding the conversation is not a great concern. If a woman says she likes me and I also like her: * If I am not available/saturated: I say “Hey, thank you! ", and other conversation starters There are a few questions that English speakers ask at the beginning of a conversation. What do you think Eddy? When you are looking to propose to your girl, one of the best things you can do is just be yourself. Always pay attention to what girls do when you're trying to figure out their interest. All you can do after that is change your tactics and learn from each rejection. If you’ve never hugged the person you’re comforting, then don’t go beyond putting a hand on their shoulder, or an arm around it. If you keep texting her it will most likely push her away. DO THIS! More on how to follow up near the end. Or maybe she did respond, and you had a great text conversation. The online question is too complicated to answer effectively here. So when I told her that she said “to be honest I’d never go out with you.” Really, stabbed my heart. If you’re not the subject of the vent, listen. #15 You’re going to be rejected. I’m good. Follow this advice and you’ll find that when you do decide to text a girl for the first time, she’ll immediately respond and probably even ask you out first! I know you’re excited that you’re now able to go out on your date, but you have to remain cool and collected. You bantered back and forth, told a few jokes, and you knew she was into you. You'll receive information about how our course works, the benefits to you, and details like the price and how to join. It’s a numbers game. 1. It’s needy and turns women off because it looks like you have nothing better to do. How To Make A Girl Want You Over Text One – Always Stay Positive If you are texting a special girl that you like, you must always keep it ultra positive. It seems strange because when you met her it was all smiles and flirts. What can you say when some rude person blurts out, “F*ck you!” Yeah, it can be embarrassing if someone yells obscenities at you in front of a large group of people. If you’re doing any of the following, it could be killing your chances to get a date. The 3 day rule is the idea that you should wait 3 days to message a girl after getting her number. I took ur advice on voicing out things when in a line up and it worked like a charm. My plan of action for tomorrow is to Messenger with a funny or teasing text of some sort to grab her attention. You can approach one girl and she may reject you, but approach ten girls and your odds of having a conversation or getting a number are significantly higher. As examplified in previous example. Or completely stop until we meet up unless she replies? On the other hand, a lot of women are just rude. Once again I was at a girls house this month on a first date, and she was giving me excuses saying how she doesn’t “Act like that anymore.” Texting examples for different scenarios. Now, I never went crazy and keyed people’s cars when that happened, but I didn’t handle the news that well. It's not engaging or interesting, and even if you sent an 'interesting' msg on Facebook it will most likely be ignored. Numbers matter, but you can have a better "conversion rate" or end result depending how you connect with women, and your methodology or process while dating. Have a laugh, say something funny, and walk away. But the conversation when all over the place and next thing know I got a nice to meet u both. Liked what you just read? It's also different when the woman sends a message. Could that have been my cardinal sin was it the :-* that sealed my fate. Be classy and be respectful. I'm not perfect but considerate and decent and would expect a simple response in return. Was it nice? Click here. I’m fine. By trying to impress her you’ll either come across as needy or a braggart. *Note: There’s nothing wrong with being funny or witty, it’s just not necessary and can even work against you. You’ll only come off as needy if you send her a novel sized text or too many messages. Now, it could just be that you chose the wrong girl at the wrong time, but if you’re noticing you’re getting rejected often, ask yourself why. You don’t care. It’s based on a false assumption that texting too soon will look needy. She’ll probably respond to you and say thank you for understanding. Come back to it an hour later and re-read it to see if it still looks good (avoids sending needy messages). Write your message but don’t send it. There's nothing there to build. The only reason guys end up in these kinds of situations is because of a lack of options, so they kling on to a girl thinking it's their only chance. There’s no reason to say more because you already said it on the first message. Exchanged my number letting her know it was me(per her instructions). This is hilarious. A stranger. A lot of women who don’t reply to the first message will reply to the second one. I earned that was false. It's more than just a numbers game. Do You Have Codependent Traits that Make You Clingy & Dependent? Is it as fun? Your approach may work for one girl, but it won’t necessarily work for every girl. ... What an impertinent question to ask a girl [or guy]! But listen, this isn’t the moment for you to freak out and start yelling at her. You don’t think any of the other women notice this? By using this strategy for how to respond to ghosting, you are letting him or her know that you deserve better. I used to think there was no pattern and nothing I could do to get better results. What ends up happening is that your crush will end up losing interest because you waited so long to message her. Trying to keep a girl interested while texting is a losing game. Part of dating is a numbers game so don’t get too torn up about someone not replying. I'm a busy guy and need to get stuff done, so if you are sending me pointless texts, consider yourself dumped.