Most of us would have to admit that our intercessory prayers are seldom as wide as the world— and often nearly as narrow as our congregation. Every power that is working against my marriage, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus. 8. 1: Father thank you for the multitude of members at our church services last Sunday in Jesus name, 2: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for diverse word encounters in the lives of the members, 3: Father, thank you for confirming the prophetic word in the life of every member in Jesus name, 4: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for your mighty hand that is behind the continuous growth of this church till date, 5: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for feeding your flock with wisdom and knowledge through the Apostle over this Church since inception, 6: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for instant answers to prayers during our prayer hour, 7: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for the mass salvation of souls in services in Jesus name, 8: Father, thank you for your manifested presence in our midst, both as a church and as individuals since the year began, 9: Father, thank you for establishing all our new converts and new members of the year 2019, resulting in continuous growth of all our churches worldwide, 10: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for peace and serenity experienced in this Church since inception 4. 1: Father thank you for the multitude of members at our church services last Sunday in Jesus name. The God of Jacob is our refuge. We bring to mind all those in our locality who find themselves in a hard place. 2. If you are believing God for the fruit of the womb, start praying for others in your Church or neighbourhood who are believing God for the fruit of the womb. But do we really believe that those prayers could be or would be answered? ♥ inclusive. Fill our souls with your wonderful love and light. in Jesus name. Kristy J. O’Hara-Glaspie of World Vision’s office in the U.S. contributed to this piece. 1. 2. ♥ progressive creative and refreshing liturgy for today’s church. Just as the children of isreal looked unto the bronze serpent and they where healed from snake poison, as I look unto Jesus Christ today, every spiritual poison killing me gradually dissapears from my body forever in Jesus name. I believe that this sickness in my body will not kill me, the power of God in Christ Jesus has delivered me from this sickness in Jesus name. Heavenly Father, we come to You today to intercede for our nation and the nations of the world that are in such commotion and disarray, and are so antagonistic towards You, and hateful towards the Lord Jesus Christ, Who died for the sins of the world. You are a stranger in my body and I drive you away today and forever in Jesus name. 1). Jesus Christ, our Lord, shows us a perfect intercessory prayer example in the Bible. of your forgiving, healing, life-giving love. that we shall not be overcome by the dark shadows of life 3: Father, thank you for confirming the prophetic word in the life of every member in Jesus name God of life, we ask for your healing power Intercessory prayers is a very powerful form of prayer, It is powerful because you don’t pray for your needs, rather you pray for the needs of others. I prophesy to my dry sickness ridden body right now, hear the word of the lord, Be full of flesh now!!! Hear the word of the Lord all sicknesses in my body, I give you a new name today. I cover my entire house hold with the blood of Jesus, none of the diseases of egypt will find its way to my house in Jesus name. Praying for those that lead and attend our church is one way to seek the protection and strength of the Lord. Let’s look at three of the Biblical examples of prayer of intercession. What you make happen for others, God will make same happen for you in Jesus name. Whatever is lacking in your life, its also lacking in the life of others, if you want to see Gods hand upon your life, start interceding for others with similar challenge as you. Father, in the name of Jesus and by the Holy Ghost, empower every member of this Church with supernatural wisdom, thereby resulting in noiseless breakthroughs this year. name of Jesus. Also I will love to Invite You to join our Powerful 24 Hours Prayer Group on Telegram. in the compassion and love of those around them. 2: Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for diverse word encounters in the lives of the members. painting the dark shadows around us with your light, your love and your salvation. ‘Those who gathered much didnt have much, those who gathered little didnt have little’ Exodus 16:18. Make us instruments of love and praise. Read this prayer for world peace in the midst of tragedy and violence. we embrace the joy of ………………. We pray that they will find your strength ♥ relevant I encourage you to pray them over those you love and watch as God will change there stories and yours in Jesus name. Prayer Points To Overcome Challenges Of Life. Let your light shine through the darkness of all their pain and their suffering. Father, in the name of Jesus, fill every member of this Church with the Spirit of the fear of the Lord, resulting in the manifestation of Your favour in everyone’s life this year. 9. Father, in the name of Jesus and by the Holy Ghost, let every member of this Church be liberated from all filthiness of the flesh and of the spirit this year. A prayer point is taking a Bible principle, promise, statement, hymn, poem or affirmation, and then believe it, ask God for it and speak it into existence in your life. Praying for yourself always is good, but praying for others is better. You allow each mind to think and teach each heart to beat. For More Church Growth Intercessory Prayers Click Here. Blessing the Animals, St Francis Day 4 Oct, Blessing of Gardens & Gardeners (Plough Sunday), Universal wedding service, for any two people, Matariki – Māori New Year — New Zealand (Aotearoa), Farmers Day–first Monday of August, Zambia, World Week for Peace in Palestine & Israel. Everlasting God, as we journey through this season of Advent, seeking to make our paths straight for His coming, we now offer our prayers and petitions through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Intercessory prayers is a major ways to prove your for the brethren, when you love one another, you will always pray for one another. Intercessory prayer requires the intercessor to come boldly to the throne of grace. A PLAN FOR BATTLE If you are born again, you are God's son or daughter (John 1:12). or the darkness of human nature. Father, in the name of Jesus, let Your angels appear to every embattled member, thereby guiding them back to this Church for their restoration and breakthroughs this year. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1. Amen. For further information or counseling, you can contact me at or Chat me up on WhatsApp And Telegram at +2347032533703. 5. 10. Every time we intercede for others, we are watering others, and there is no way we ourselves will lack water. Father, in the name of Jesus, endue every member of this Church with the Spirit of excellence for their supernatural turnaround this year. Oh Lord, You breath into adam and he became a living being, breath the breath of life into me Lord and cause me the be lively again in Jesus name. This is a pdf of a translation found on the web and assumed to be freely available. God of all creation, you hold the depths of the earth in your hands. May they see your light, feel your strength and power In our prayers we bring our deepest feelings to God and share them. God of love and hope, Embracing the passion of Jesus and casting out your weakness before God will help you achieve the impossible. We pray for a world that thinks less of others than of self. 5). Everlasting God, as we come before you at the start of the Season of Advent we ask you to prepare us for the coming, of your son Jesus Christ and to hear us when we pray in faith for the needs of the Church and the world and to thank you for your goodness. Renew in us a deeper sense of who we are in you. UNITY PRAYER TEAM. A lot of christians are always more comfortable praying for themselves than they are praying for others. We know your everlasting light shines with us, Father, in the name of Jesus, open the eyes of every discouraged member to see this church as their God-ordained city of refuge, where their trials shall be turned to testimonies this year, For more Intercessory prayers for Church Members click here. May these prayer points be a springboard to a lifelong journey of intercession and a faith filled life, experiencing the loving kindness and the miracle-working power of God. Give us strength and courage to reflect that love and light in the world. We have on our hearts the friends and loved ones of the victims of violence and hatred. To pray is to express our most profound longings. Fill our souls with your wonderful love and light. ♥ thoughtful 66:8 Who hath heard such a thing? Intercessions for the 2nd Sunday of Advent PDF (25.44 Kb) As members together in the body of Christ, let us pray in faith to the true and living God. The bible made us understand the ‘he that watereth others shall himself be watered‘. We pray to the Lord: For all who are lonely or afraid, for teenagers on the street, old people in nursing homes, prisoners with no one to visit them, and all whom the world has forgotten: that Christ might lead us to them; We pray to the Lord: For all who are forgotten or cast off: that we might value each human life, as a priceless gift from God; in moments of great sadness and great joy. Intercessions for a New Creation (Revelations 21) — Lawrence Moore, UK. If you would like to submit a prayer or suggest a new category then please email it to Please include details of authorship, as we do not want to steal credit for anyone else's work. Have you ever felt an unexplained burden on your heart to pray for the masses, for unnamed others, for your community or the world at large? We especially think of ……………………………………………………… 8. We especially think of ……………………… 6. What is Progressive Christianity all about? 7. Within our darkest night,   Let your light shine. The truth is these, nothing changes a mans story like selflessness. 3). God bless you. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I prophesied to my life that it is well with my body, soul and spirit in Jesus name. We remember that as we weep with the grieving, We share the grief of people close to us, who’ve recently lost loved ones. We pray for the world: for the leaders of the nations and their governments; for areas most besieged by the pandemic; for broken places where healthcare and resources are scarce, and the pandemic brings further suffering; for… Silent prayer The LORD of hosts is with us. God of all creation, you hold the depths of the earth in your hands. In praying this prayer, the faithful are carrying out their role of praying for the entire world as well as for the needs of the local community. These powerful intercessory prayers for the church will help to call on the power of the Lord for a blessing. 9. Jesus Christ is the light of the world - a light which no darkness can quench. You are closer to us than the air we breathe. You have entered an incorrect email address! I command the thunder fire of God to burn to ashes the wedding gown, ring, photographs and all other materials used for the marriage, in Jesus’ name. Joyful Church Prayer You can pray for the upcoming U.S. election, peace on Earth, or pray Scripture using Matthew 25, among other topics. When praying an intercessory prayer, one makes plea and meditation before God on behalf of oneself but most importantly for others. Intercessory Prayers For Church Growth. 3. Seek God's face and be the courage and love our world needs. for people in a dark place today.