See more ideas about African violets, African, Saintpaulia. Now Available Online from OptiFlora. It even has tiny buds on it. Plug: Ever Precious (EverFloris Series). You are … Wondering how to water an African violet? Leaves light green, cupped, hairy, ruffled. 5 Would recommend no … Offering fresh cut leaves, leaf pots and starter plants! From shop OptiFloraPlants. Jan 13, 2014 - Optimara Mini (2") and Super-Mini (1") African Violets. When mature, miniatures grow to less than 6 inches. OPTIMARA Guide to African Violets Introduction to flower, leaf and plant types, plus history, care tips and more! Optimara's Series of 2" Miniature African violets and Leaf Sets Our breathtaking Mini Violets are ideal where space is limited! Free alerts for stores in your zip-code, get them right on arrival! When watering African violets, the main thing to … Posted by Kathryn on Nov 24th 2020 It arrived in perfect condition. This was not my first order with this shop. Foliage Plants: Ferns, Ivy, Fittonia, Peperomia, Epescia, Begonias Beautiful Mini-Poinsettias from Optimara… … To enhance the marketing efforts of retailers and distributors, optimara … Read on to learn more about African violet water needs. 5 out of 5 ... African Violet Pot Slim Mini Insert White beadsbymavis. My first order from Selective Gardner - Optimara Violets. Growing violets is easy and FUN! ft. of space in the Tennessee greenhouse alone. This means that no chemical growth retardents are used to keep them small. Very prolific bloomer--so prolific that young or weak plants may not be able to open all of their flowers. Fancy Bloomers : - Standards Miniatures / Semi-Miniatures Chimeras Leaves Fancy Bloomers' Own Hybrids Pots and Supplies Trailers Russian Gift Certificates Vintage New Arrivals Assorted Leaf Packs violets… 5 out of 5 … Mini Terrarium Plants Rex Begonias Plant Care Tips +-African Violets Alocasia Cuprea Begonia Micro Ferns Mini Poinsettia Peperomia (Ripple and Watermelon) ... African Violets: Collect Colors Shop Violets … The Optimara potting soil consists of straight peatmoss with tiny styrofoam beads with the right PH balance and is exactly the same mix that Optimara uses in their greenhouses to grow all their beautiful violets. Optimara Greenhouses: Recent 4" Varieties Available from Optimara Pinks Bi-Color Reds Bi-Color Blues Silver Edge (all colors) Lilacs Reds Light Blues Blues White Violets : 6" Space Violets: EverFloris Our seeds traveled 750 million miles & spent 6 years in outer space! Shipping Notice: The store has switched to Winter mode - Leaf Assortments … How to Water an African Violet. Moonlight Nursery- Specializing in African Violets and other Gesneriads. Hand Sanitizer, Violets, & Houseplants. Holiday Poinsettias Pre-Order. • Browse with Flipping Book • Download or view Adobe PDF : Sales Terms and Conditions for OPTIMARA … Double white with blue-tinged center. Optimara African Violet Variety Pack (4 Plants) 4" Pots OptiFloraPlants. Optimara Violets are specifically bred to have characteristics of robust growth, long lasting and beautiful blooms and full bodied foliage. It will not be my last. Miniature. Learn more about Space Violets … This Variety Pack contains 4 different varieties of Optimara Violets. Care for miniature African Violets … These are genuine Miniature African Violets. Fresh Violet Alerts. Many soils available on he market that claim to be for African Violets are being offered by companies that don't grow African Violets and will keep your violets too wet or make them deformed. Optimara is the most recognized African Violet trademark in the world, producing over 10 million violets annually with over 750,000 sq. From shop beadsbymavis. Mini African Violet.